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This is Me

I am Allison Wall and this is my blog! I love it because I love writing, and I love writing about myself! My posts are kind of sporadic and on a wide range of topics, but mostly just whatever is on my mind at the moment. I try to keep it interesting and post as often as possible, but I often find that life gets in the way and I get behind. I’m mostly doing this for myself, but am very happy for anyone (besides the five or six faithful readers I already have – thank you family!) to stumble upon my blog and to hopefully continue reading it.

I am an Idaho girl. I grew up in a small town and am now going to school at Boise State. I absolutely love the place I grew up, but I am growing anxious to get out there and see the rest of the world as well. I’m graduating this December and hopefully that does allow me to fulfill that dream, with the love of my life and future husband by my side.

Michael and I met about two years ago in our singles ward her at BSU. We both kind of liked each other forever but we were always dating other people. I was stuck with the same “type” I’d been dating since high school (think jock) even though ever since I  can remember I’ve always wanted to have what I called a “Cute and Nerdy Boyfriend.” Lucky for me this is exactly what I found in Michael. After a false start or two, we finally started dating this spring and a month ago he asked me to be his wife! We are getting married on October 23.

I am currently a library assistant at both a small public library and our campus library and I love my jobs. It has led me to the decision to pursue a master’s degree in Library Science and become a librarian someday. Books are my passion and I love to help people discover them at their local public library! I’m going to start applying for library schools this fall and leave a year from now for wherever we end up.

I’m so excited for all the changes coming up in my life and the great adventures we have ahead of us in marriage, graduate school, and beyond. I hope you will come along with us on my blog and share in the journey. Thanks for reading!

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