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Perk of Marriage: Comics

June 4, 2011

wedding day

Being married is a wonderful adventure. I am constantly learning new things, being challenged, and growing. I think one of my favorite things about marriage is the way it has expanded my horizons and exposed me to so many new and interesting things I never would have done without my husband. Since I’ve been married I’ve seen more new places, more new forms of entertainment, tried more new things than ever before. Michael is so great at sharing all of his interests with me so that we can grow and share them together.

One of the things I now enjoy, one thing I never would have gotten into without the encouragement of Michael, is comics. Before I met Michael I would have never even considered reading a comic book or a graphic novel. They just weren’t my thing and I wasn’t interested. It took a while but I started coming around and now I’m a big supporter of comic books of all kinds! I had no idea there was such a variety of comics out there. It’s not all just superheroes and fighting and action. There are so many other options out there. Graphic novels are a really good place for people who are used to reading books without pictures because they are structured like a regular novel. It took me a little while to get used to reading graphic novels because it is such a different skill than just reading words. You have to read the images and the text together and it really works your mind in a different way. It’s really cool!

Now I’m too the point where I’m getting a little overwhelmed because there are so many great comics and books out there and it’s hard to choose what to read on top of all the other books I’m already reading! Michael and I go to the comic book shop in town a lot together and where at first I would get really bored, now I am starting to find stuff there that I think is really cool and I want to buy for myself! It’s great to have Michael’s wealth of comic book knowledge so he can recommend me all the good stuff. And of course, most of it he already owns, so I should probably start putting to use all that shelf space and reading some of it!

One series that I really love is Invincible by Robert Kirkman. Kirkman is like a hero of mine now – Invincible is so good! It is a superhero comic but it is really fresh and original and just fun. And plus I kind of just wish I was Atom Eve because her character is just awesome. I think the one that really got me into comic books at first was Fables. It is so clever and fun and has nothing to do at all with superheroes but is about fairytale characters living in our world. And right now I’m really thinking about getting into X-Men because we just saw the new movie yesterday.

So just one of the great side benefits of being married – being encouraged to try all kinds of new things and discover that you really love them. It’s like a whole new world has been opened up to me now! Thank you Michael for helping me to expand my horizons!


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