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The Lamb of God

May 15, 2011

Last night Michael and I went to the Saturday Stake Conference meeting for church. It always feels a little weird to me to be at church on a Saturday night. But I am so glad I went because I got to hear this. A choir from our stake sang a song adapted from Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings. Adagio for Strings is one of the most popular pieces of classical music, and there is good reason for that. I have always loved it. I didn’t know Barber had also transcribed a choral arrangement of the song with words in Latin and called it Angus Dei or Lamb of God. Our choir sang an English version of the song, with words inspired by Jeffery R. Holland’s April 2010 talk on the Atonement of Christ titled, “None were with Him.” Which also happens to be one of my favorite talks.

When the choir started singing last night I was so moved by their music that I thought to myself, “This is why I came tonight.” Even if I didn’t get a whole lot out of the talks, the power of this song made going to church on a Saturday night so worth it. I found a cool youtube video of a chamber choir singing Angus Dei. I hope you like it.

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