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See the beauty of life unfold before you

February 22, 2011

Sometimes life gets really discouraging. It seems to happen to us a lot these days. Our car is in the shop right now and that is just the worst! But in the midst of all these bad days and stressed out moments, sometimes I catch a teeny glimpse of the bigger picture. That happened to me a little today.

There’s this thing that I love. It’s called Segullah. Segullah is a literary journal filled with beautiful, talented writing by LDS women. I’ll admit I have a dream of someday being published within its pages. You can read back issues of the journal here. Which is what I have been doing a lot of lately, relishing the luxury of their recent fifth anniversary double issue. Reading these moving, beautiful essays about the stories and lives of fellow women who are also LDS and writers has been so therapeutic for me. It has helped me to realize that this time is only one chapter in our lives and it, too, will pass. There is still hope and reason to be optimistic for the future. I gained so much from this reading.

Segullah also has a blog, which is another constant source of nourishment for my soul.  There, I see examples of the kinds of women I want to become and also have as my best friends. Sometimes I still feel way too young, like an awkward teenager still trying to figure everything out. Who am I? What am I doing here? Who am I becoming? I wonder if I’ll ever start feeling like an adult, like I have things figured out, or at least find the confidence to act like I do. I guess I’ll just try to enjoy every moment and wait and see what happens next, because we just never know what life holds for us.

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