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Mini Dove Comics Giveaway

January 13, 2011

Michael at Mini Dove Comics is having a giveaway! I am so excited for this! I have seen the painting he’s giving away, guys, and it is really cool. I have loved reading all of Michael’s comics. I am so lucky that sometimes I get to see the comics he draws right as he is drawing them. But for ED the Business Warrior, I usually have to wait until they are posted online just like everyone else. Sometimes the suspense really gets me! There are some great stories and plot twists that are going on with ED right now.

ED the Business Warrior tell the story of a man charged with defending his company. He has really cool broadswords and a sidekick named Rabbit. I think Rabbit is my favorite character. He wears a sweater vest so it reminds me of Michael. And I loved it when Rabbit made a mix tape for the girl he liked. That was great. This webcomic is full of laughs and great artwork and really cool stories. I love reading ED the Business Warrior!

The original painting Michael is giving away is really. Cool. I will be so jealous of whoever wins it. Go here to see it, and here to find out the rules for entering the giveaway. Enter before it’s too late, and share ED the Business Warrior with all of your friends!

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