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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

July 30, 2010

I just finished reading a wonderful book. This  book was my lifesaver this entire week. I needed something to hold onto, and this was it. I have to say the author of this book, Chimamanda ngozi Adichie, has quickly become one of my heroes. She is a Nigerian author and she is simply one of the greatest storytellers I have ever read. I really regret that I didn’t go to see her when she was speaking in Boise last year. I think it was either right before the wedding or right after, so obviously it wasn’t a top priority then. But now, if I ever have the chance again, I will go!

I am not one to usually read a lot of short stories, though when I do I enjoy them. I like the way I can get lost in a good, long, novel for days at a time, really getting to know the characters. But I decided to read this book of short stories by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie because her novel, Half a Yellow Sun has been haunting me since I read it over a year a go.

I have to say, this book was just as beautiful and haunting. The stories grabbed me right away and each ending left me much to think about. The book swims with Adichie’s wonderful characters, all different, and all so real. Through each of their eyes, I was brought into the world of Nigeria and Nigerian immigrants in numerous different situations. What else can I say about this book? Anything I say is not enough. The stories are varied enough to address many topics; love, death, arranged marriage, America, culture, tradition, family, and all of them well. At times Adichie even powerfully uses the second person ‘you’ to tell her stories. She has an almost magical ability to bring you right into the story.

This book cemented Adichie as one of my ultimate favorite authors. At different times while I read the book, all I wanted to do was to write to her, meet her, be like her! I am looking forward to reading her other novel, Purple Hibiscus.

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