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Parental Units

June 20, 2010

Last night my family was able to celebrate three of the things we love: my mom, my dad, and the Emmett Cherry Festival, all in one wonderful night!!

My mom’s birthday was on Tuesday, June 15. She’s been celebrating it all week long. Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today, as we all know, is Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to my great dad and all dads out there.

And the last night of the Cherry Festival was last week. So Michael and I went down to Emmett to enjoy all three things in one wonderful picnic with my family at the Cherry Festival.

As awesome as my mom is, she brought nice plates and laid out a pretty fancy picnic for us to enjoy. I loved how fancy it was in the middle the kinda white-trashy atmosphere of the carnival. It was a little ironic. But we had some delicious food! She made this dip (I don’t remember the name) but it’s like salsa but with avocado and shrimp. Sooooo yummy! And we had strawberries, which we all know is my favorite! It was fun having people walking all around our picnic bench and lots of people stopping by to say ‘hi’ that I knew growing up.

Michael and I opted out of the rides this year, though. We decided they were just too expensive to justify the price, especially since I didn’t plan far enough in advance to make sure we got some wristbands. So we just enjoyed the carnival atmosphere and being with my family and I got a snow cone!

So, this is us at the Cherry Festival. But Last Year!

After the picnic we took a scenic route back to my parent’s house up on the bench and past the stake center. It was nice driving by and reminiscing of old times. Then we got to play Little Big Planet on my sisters’ new PS3. Way fun game!! I wish they had it for Xbox. But I’m pretty horrible at video games, so people (Michael) just make fun of me. It was a really fun night.

But the main purpose of this post is to thank my parents. I have the most wonderful parents. My mom has always been one of my best friends, and even when I was a teenager I could talk to her about anything. It has been so exciting to me to see her go back to school and start a career doing what she loves, and is so good at. She definitely deserves that. She raised me to love people no matter what, without judging. That has made such a huge difference in my life. She taught me how to be strong and confident and always believed that I could do great things! I love my mom so much.

My dad is such an example to me of great patience. He is so easygoing and it really takes a lot to get him riled up. I try to follow that example. He was always willing to answer all my questions growing up and teach me everything he knows, even if his answers were sometimes a little longer than I wanted as a kid, I always learned so much! When I was a kid I thought my dad must know everything, and sometimes I still really think he does! My dad also always knows how to make me laugh, and he cheered me up so often when I was sad as a kid. He has great advice and is always there to talk to us about our problems. I am so lucky to have him as my father! Thank you, Mom and Dad!

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  1. June 21, 2010 12:21 am

    Parents are great!!! Glad you guys had fun!

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