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Introducing….Spring Fever!

April 16, 2010

kitchen window


It finally feels like it’s really here! Spring! The gloomy, rainy weather has passed (for now) and today is a lovely day in the perfect mid-sixties. I am having a most excellent day so far. The springtime always makes me want to get out and do things! 

For awhile now, spring arriving has reminded me that last year at this time I started running every morning. It felt so great, and I was doing really good at keeping up with it! Until I hurt myself, that is. And now it’s warm and lovely outside again, and I’m feeling the urge. But, alas, I am a little less motivated this year. In my fat and happy newlywed stupor it’s hard to shake off the lazy contentment and do something hard and challenging. My life couldn’t be any more different than it was last year at this time. Last year I had lost my job and was frustrated in my search for a new job. My boyfriend had dumped me and I was still feeling depressed about that. I really needed to do something, anything, to take my mind off things. Running was the answer. 

It sure helped a lot that my daily running also brought me and Michael together at that time. He started coming with me every morning, and it was a wonderful excuse to start seeing each other every day! Then, after a while we started doing a lot more talking and flirting than actually exercising and by the time I got my injury we were dating, so running wasn’t so much of a necessity anymore. I was too busy being in love. 

Now it’s April again. I keep telling myself, ‘I did so good last year! Maybe I can do it again.’ So this morning I decided it was the day. I got up early (also so much easier to do now that it’s light much earlier) and I went out. I was more out of shape than I expected (again, fat and happy newlywed stupor) but it was really good for a first attempt. The best part is how amazing I feel afterwards, for the whole day. I’m just in the best of moods and I know why! It’s Spring and I exercised! All those happy little endorphins went into my brain and worked their happy magic. This feeling is all the motivation I need to keep doing it. 

On another, Springtime-y note, I am also wearing my fantastic shorts for the first time this year which feels great! I have opened all the blinds to let the beautiful sun shine into our dark little apartment (even our bedroom, which never sees the light!) And, best of all, I bought flowers to bring little pieces of Springtime into our home! They make me so cheery. Aren’t they wonderful? 

pretty mums

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  1. April 16, 2010 1:22 pm

    Happy Spring!!!

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