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The Last First Day of School

August 24, 2009

Overall, it was a good day but very long. First thing this morning I had to go grocery shopping because I knew there would be no time for it later this week. I rode my bike to campus for the first time, and that made me feel so good! I took a really nice route through the park and on the Greenbelt. Riding your bike is totally worth it; there are so many benefits! And to think without Michael I never would have bought one!

First off I had work at the Albertsons library for a couple hours and after that, my first class of the new semester. Advanced Nonfiction Writing. I love writing about myself, and this class is focused on memior and personal essay so it couldn’t be more perfect. I also love that it is a hybrid class, which means I only have to go to class half of the time. I had an hour break to eat my delish sandwich and do my first reading assignment and it was off to Modern English Grammar with Dr. Dayley, who is so interesting I do not doubt he will make even grammar fascinating to me.

I rushed home after class on my bike to make my appointment to donate blood. The ride home was less fun because it uphill as well as very hot. And I think, due to that bike ride home, when I gave blood I did get pretty lightheaded. It was not as good an experience as my first time last spring, but I would still say it was worth it because it feels wonderful to know you did something that can help people. Another great thing is that the blood bank is just a few blocks from my new apartment, so it is very convenient for me to give blood there. I already have my next appointment set up.

My final event of the day was my Monday night class, Advanced Poetry Writing. I think I’m going to like this class also. Two of the girls from my poetry class last semester are taking it with me, so that makes it fun. I’m happy to have two fun writing classes that will motivate me to write again. It’s such a sad situation because being in class gives me all this great drive to start writing every day and getting in the habit but it has never yet happened. I hope this time is the time I can be disciplined enough to really do it and keep doing it after the semester ends because these are the last writing classes I’m probably ever going to take. It’s my one last chance to get serious and dedicated about writing. But at the same time it is the worst possible semester for it, with all the wedding craziness and everything. I’m starting to realize how insane of us it was to schedule our wedding for right in the middle of the semester. What were we thinking? I still feel like it is the perfect date but still, wow. I’m just barely realizing what we have gotten ourselves into. Life is certainly one crazy busy pandemonium right now, and there really isn’t a peaceful end in sight.

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  1. Cassie permalink
    August 24, 2009 9:28 pm

    dont worry! it will all be worth it! 😀

  2. August 25, 2009 1:26 pm

    I loved the First Last Day of School! And then you’ll graduate and think “What next?” Altho it sounds like you’ve got a plan. Good for you.

  3. idahospud permalink
    September 1, 2009 6:50 pm

    So write about your wedding and stress and fears about it all in your poetry class. It will be “what you know” and it’ll help you blow off some steam AND think more creatively/deeply about what it is that you are doing at this time of your life.

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