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First Love

April 22, 2009
My bookshelf

My bookshelf

Books are my first love. And I believe they will always be my deepest and truest love. From the time I was devouring Little House on the Prairie as a five year old, I haven’t been able to stop reading. My taste and reading habits may have changed over the years but my love has not.

As much as I love books, however, I am nearly Ivy League selective about the ones I will buy. I usually don’t like to buy a book unless I’ve read it and know it is a dear favorite, or at least know the author or something about the book. Buying an unknown book is kind of like going on a blind-date that lasts forever. Which is why libraries exist, right?

Speaking of libraries, the other great quirk about my bookshelf is the way it is organized. That’s right, call number order! Library of Congress cataloging! That is just how much I love libraries. Since there was no way they could all fit on the shelf, I decided the privileged ones would be the ‘Ps.’ ‘P’ is for Literature, in the LC world. And so all other books were relegated to the surrounding stacks and piles. That is how you have the beautiful corner of my room where is housed my first love.

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