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You’ve Got Mail!

March 11, 2009

My favorite three words, on so many levels. The name of my favorite movie, the sound my phone makes when I get a text message, and best of all, what my mailbox says to me whenever I get a wonderful letter from a dear friend!

I am pretty lucky because last week has been a week of letters! Last Wednesday I got two letters from Matt (Elder Moen) for the first time since he has been in Colombia! That was so exciting! Then on Monday, I got letters from my very best friends Melissa and Devin (Elder Roberts) on the same day! It was so good to hear from all of them, and their letters truly made me very, very happy. Letters really are one of the best things in the whole entire world. I am so grateful for good friends that will write letters to  me, wherever they are in the world.

Melissa is a wonderful friend because she also shares my deep love for letters and all things mail. I love it that we have these things in common with each other. She is even applying for an internship at the National Postal Museum! How awesome is that!? I wish her the best of luck and really hope that she gets it! Because who could love letters more than Melissa? I am so glad that we have kept up our wonderful correspondence for so many years. We have so many memories now in all our letters that we can look back on someday. Our whole lives are contained on those pages. It is a beautiful thing!

And of course letters from missionaries are always fun and wonderful! I was very happy to see that Devin is still the same good old Devin. He has kept all his wonderful sense of humor and unique personality. His letter made me laugh harder than anything has in a long, long time! Elder Moen’s letters are great because he has such a strong testimony and is having so many amazing experiences with the people of Colombia! He also sent me some pictures of himself in the jungle, which I will be posting soon!

I just want to let the whole world know how grateful I am for the wonderful blessing of getting letters in the mail!

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  1. Cassie permalink
    March 12, 2009 9:14 pm

    yay! we need to start writing letters more. i like letters too! 🙂

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