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an argument in defense of nerds

January 12, 2009

It is time  for me to remember a too oft forgotten vow to myself, made long ago. You see, I have this fantasy. I like to think it is not tooimplausible of a fantasy either. This fantasy of mine is that somewhere in this great universe there is my Ideal Guy. I like to call him my Cute and Nerdy Boyfriend. Yes, I must be a very huge nerd myself to be admitting this, but I have a soft spot in my heart for nerdy guys of all kinds, and I kinda want one all of my very own.

Nerds, of course, come in many varieties. But I’m not picky. Any type will do. Of course there is the Math and Science Nerd, the Computer Nerd, the Role-Playing Fantasy Games Nerd, and then the less obvious types such as the Video Game Nerd, the Music Nerd, and the Comic Book Nerd (more easily able to adapt into “normal” society). Usually, however, you find nerds in varies mixtures and combinations of these varieties. However, with all of these varieties, glasses are the essential characteristic.

The reasons for my preference for nerds are many. High up on the list is the nerd’s propensity for passion. This is what makes them nerds, they are extremely passionate about one particular subject or interest, even to block out other areas of life (such as socializing) to make room for their one passion. Along with passion, of course, is a very high level of intelligence. Intelligence makes for fabulous conversation and debate, which is most essential for me in a relationship, because a lack of intelligence can make talking to someone extremely dull. Nerds are also shy, especially around girls, which is just adorable and endearing. You can be sure if he’s asking you out it’s because he really, really, really likes you, otherwise it would be too difficult for him to bother with.

With all of these good qualities nerds have going for them, it is important not to forget the one key word, which is cute. While I am sure it really is what is inside that counts, I am somewhat shallow in this quest of mine. I want a guy with all the great characteristics of a nerd, who is also nice to look at. I do admit that this makes the quest quite a bit more difficult, because a guy who is both cute and nerdy can be rather rare a specimen. But I am determined and someday I will find him. I know he is out there, my Cute and Nerdy Boyfriend.

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  1. cassandralambert permalink
    January 15, 2009 7:05 pm

    I rather enjoyed this particular blog!
    “He” is a rather rare specimen indeed!! 🙂

  2. Shannon permalink
    January 16, 2009 10:33 am

    Giggle I remember when you made the magical neackless. I hope you find your cute and nerdy boyfriend!!

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