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Old Movie Weekend

July 12, 2008

I was feeling kinda sick yesterday and I didn’t really have any plans for the weekend, so I chose the obvious course of action – to go to Hollywood Video and rent some old movies to watch over the weekend as I recovered from my unhealthiness.

I almost didn’t get Guys and Dolls, and when I did it was mostly because it was the longest of the candidates. I’m glad I did, because I watched it last night and it was great! Now it is on my top 10 favorite old movies list for sure! But don’t ask me to repeat that list, because I have no idea what else is on it. But I do love any movie with Audrey Hepburn or James Stewart, Alfred Hitchcock movies, or Rogers and Hammerstien musicals. It’s a Wonderful Life would probably be my number one, followed by Funny Face. And I still have three more I checked out at Hollywood yesterday to occupy me the rest of the weekend, so we’ll see what other additions we gain to that list.

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  1. Cassie permalink
    July 12, 2008 5:00 pm

    i love your blog!
    i miss you! wish i were there watching movies with you!
    i also wish you were here so you could take a look at the library here. it is really cool.
    luv ya!

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