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Proud to Be a Democrat

June 15, 2008

This weekend I had the extreme privilege of representing Gem County at the State Democratic Convention. It was an amazing experience! As a delegate, I was able to help create and vote on the state’s party platform, elect delegates to the National Convention in Denver in August, and meet and connect with many other amazing democrats from across the state. I also had the opportunity to observe and hear from such great Idaho Democrats as Jerry Brady, Boise mayor Dave Bieter, Party Chairman Kieth Roark, Larry LaRocco, our candidate for the Senate, and Walt Minnick, candidate for Representative from Congressional District 1.

I would not have been there at that convention if not for this man right here, Barack Obama. He has inspired me and so many other young people I know to get involved in politics. Before I could even vote I was already discouraged with all the politicians I had seen so far and our country’s political system that only seemed to create more and more disillusionment. As much as I wanted to believe that one person can make a difference, it seemed so futile in a political system that seemed to be only about bashing the other party and creating gridlock after gridlock to prevent things from getting done. I was completely turned off from politics and never would have believed the position I’m in now.

Obama is the one who changed all that for me. Yes, in his campaign ‘hope’ and ‘change’ may have become trite and over-used words, but to me they still mean something, and they mean a lot. They mean that I, personally, have found that hope that I never had and come to truly believe that our political system can and will get things done for the betterment of the American people. I have come to realize that politics is not just for old, white guys who know their way around, politics in this democracy is for everyone, and especially for young people, because we are the future and have the will and energy and power to make America’s tomorrow something we can be proud to pass on.

And so I got involved and started caring and learning and doing things it brought me to where I was this weekend, at the convention, a true and living part of the democratic process at work. After a weekend of such invigorating discussion and interactions with so many amazing people, I was pumped. I went into that convention knowing I definitely leaned left and supported Obama, but hesitant to come out and call myself an actual democrat, but I left wearing that label tall and proud. I am proud to call myself a democrat and to belong to the party of Jefferson and JFK and Obama and local heroes Cecil Andrus and Frank Church. I am proud to belong to the party that is truly of the people and for the people, a party that embraces and represents all people. Just look at the diverse delegation we are sending to Denver! I am proud to belong to the party that will provide health care to every American and opportunities for the best education for the next generations. I am proud to belong to the party that will invest in alternative energy sources and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels to deal with the problems of climate change. I am proud to be a democrat!

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