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Frontier Cinema

April 26, 2008

I seriously LOVE being from Emmett. It is my favorite place in the world. Sadly enough, however, I never appreciated small-town life until after I had been living in the “big city” for awhile. The open spaces, fresh air, and country feel are all wonderful but my favorite thing about Ememtt is its feeling of community. There just isn’t anything like that in Boise. Each time I drive somewhere in Emmett I can usually expect to pass someone I know on the roads. A trip to Albertsons is similar. In our Albertsons it is impossible to feel lonely; there is always a familiar face to say hello to.

I hadn’t been to Emmett’s hometown movie theater, Frontier Cinema, since I moved out, so last night I decided to go. It makes me so happy that a place like  Frontier Cinema still exists in this world. Located right on main street with an Old Western style front, the building must be about 100 years old. The old building is complete with a stage and old-fashioned red velvet seats. You never have to decide what movie you want to see or what time you’ll be going; the limited options decide for you. During the week there is only one show playing and for weekends there is a 7 o’clock show and a 9 o’clock show. The man who owns the theater is there to greet each patron every night, and he has become as familiar as a good friend. Last night he was even holding a baby as he ran the whole theater.

The movie Shannon and I saw was Horton Hears a Who so there were mostly families there. The little kids were just running around the place before the movie started – everyone felt so at home. Of course, there was also the typical Jr. High crowd who get dropped off at the theater every Friday night and probably make up half of the theater’s profits. It was great to sit there before the movie started, observing the Jr. Highers and the little kids and everyone talking together and having a great time. And the best thing about the Emmett Theater: a large bag of popcorn for $2.00!


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