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Facebook Addict

April 23, 2008

Yes, I admit I have an addiction. I am not ashamed. As opposed to the world of facebook as I was a year ago, I would be shocked if I saw myself today. The time I spend on facebook is almost scary. But notice how I did not use the word waste. Somehow, facebook is so great that time spent there manages to never feel like a waste.

Today was a momentous facebook day for me because I activated facebook mobile, which I had been resisting for a while, but gave in eventually. Kinda like Twilight. Hmmmm. I might have a problem. But what the heck. I won’t think about it too much. Anyway, facebook mobile combines the two wondrously addictive and fabulous social necessities, facebook and texting, into one beautiful and cohesive marriage. Two worlds combine to create the ultimate in having friends and feeling cool.

And even better, miraculously, when I logged in to facebook today I discovered a gift from the creators sitting invitingly waiting for me. FACEBOOK CHAT!!!! Yes, I am serious! Facebook Chat. Probably the best thing ever created! You can now instant message your friends on facebook! It’s the greatest. Especially because facebook replaced all the emailing and instant messaging I used to do to keep in touch with my friends, and up to now I lacked something to replace my MSN Messenger. No need to miss that any longer though, now that I have facebook chat. My roommate and I just had our first facebook chat conversation together. As we chatted, we smiled at each other from across the room.

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