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Twilight in the Morning

April 19, 2008

I’m having a lovely lazy morning today and absolutely relishing it.

I just ate my two bowlfulls of generic brand Fruity Pebbles from the big bag. Sugary cereal is the most essential component to a lazy Saturday morning! And along with the cereal, since I unfortunately have no access to Saturday morning cartoons, which i doubt are even good anymore anyway, I am reading a fantastic book, Twilight. Finally I have given in and allowed myself to be sucked in.

I had many reasons to resist this book for so long. Firstly, it is about vampires, and I have always had an aversion to vampire novels. They are like a complete genre in themselves, and I’ve never been interested in them at all. Everyone kept telling me this book was different, but still, vampires? ick. And then there’s the whole, everyone else is reading it so I don’t want to. I have a strange reverse-psychology complex, where if something is a fad and everyone is obsessed with it, I avoid it because I hate being just like everyone else or doing something just because everyone else is doing it. So, if I’m lucky. I discover the thing before it becomes huge, like Harry Potter. If I’m not, I have to wait until the fad dies down and read it on my own time, when I decide I want to read it, rather than when everyone keeps telling me, “It’s so good. You have to read it!”

Which is where I’m at now with Twilight. I read it basically all day yesterday, up to the moment I fell asleep, and the first thing I did when I woke up was pick it up again. I love this feeling. It is so great to be reading a book just for fun again. I miss this feeling so much. Who cares about all that reading I need to do for school? I’m going to do this much more often.

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