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My Easter Weekend

March 26, 2008

Saturday I taught Shannon how to drive a stick shift. She just got her driver’s liscence and had never driven a stick because my parents don’t currently own one. Which is really weird because when I was learning to drive four years ago sticks were all we had so I had to learn to drive a manual from the very beginning. Now my car is a stick shift and I don’t think I’ll ever want to drive anything else. That is why I really wanted Shannon to learn because it’s like she’s missing out on half the driving whole driving experience! Teaching her was so much fun! She learned really fast and surprisingly enough there were no moments of fear for my life.

Easter was marvelous. I loved going to the institute choir’s devotional at the temple early in the morning, even though it was freezing cold. It was also great to go to good ol’ East Valley ward! The new building (or old building remodeled. not sure what to really call it) still feels really strange though. Especially in the upstairs corridors that seem to go on and on like something from Harry Potter.

I really liked our Easter Program, prepared by Melissa Merril. Our ward has never been known for musical talent, but that’s one of the reasons I loved it so much. Sister Merril used regular hymns from the hymn book to tell the story of Easter and the congregation sang most of them. I loved it because the songs were familiar and we all got to participate. It was simple and humble but it made it that much more meaningful. And Sister Merril’s narration was very sincere and touching. It has been a good Easter for me because I really learned a lot about the resurrection. It was neat because I’ve been studying Chapters 39-42 in Alma, which is when he teaches his son Corianton about the resurrection. It was perfect, and combined with amazing institute lessons from Brother Evans, I feel that my understanding of the resurrection has really deepened.


My Easter basket. I love it! Unfortunately, I left what was left of it at home when I came back to Boise! It better not be gone when I go back home on Friday!

Mom and Dad and Millie organized the coolest Easter Egg Hunt for us. It was a totally clever scavenger hunt with clues and everything. The coolest part was that it included the GPS. We had to follow it to different places around town. It was so cool! Shannon drove the stick shift while we hunted too. It was a great time, and the clues were really a good challenge. It was awesome because when Shannon and I were totally stuck on the hard ones, Maddy was always the one to figure it out first. She was so good at it!


I’m so glad they organized that awesome hunt for us. It was so fun. And then at the end there was a prize that was just perfect! We each got a movie that we really wanted. I got August Rush, one of the best movies of all time! Mom and Millie had to work really hard to get that for me too, because since it had just barely come out and it was Easter and everything it was sold out everywhere, but they hunted one down. Wow, am I one lucky girl! 

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  1. Shannon permalink
    March 27, 2008 4:00 pm

    Thanks for teaching me to drive a stick shift! It was really fun. I agree that easter egg hunt was really fun and clever. I love it when you come home and don’t worry your candy hasn’t been touched yet but you better hurry home before I get hungry *Giggle*

  2. Bruce Wall permalink
    March 30, 2008 7:48 pm

    I’ve been looking to see if you took your candy home with you on Saturday. I didn’t see you taking it out to your car. Maybe you finished if off Friday night.

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