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Nothing Much

March 18, 2008

So I’m just sitting here on my bed listening to the Plain White T’s and wondering how I’m going to spend the evening. Wow, I just announced to the world how much I don’t have a life. Sad. But really, it’s just this week, I promise. It is a vast and empty week. Firstly because Cassie started her job at Cafe Ole and is now working every night. The house feels so strange without her. Brittany is gone too, to the Cook Islands, lucky duck! Even though she’s so busy we don’t see her much anyway, it just makes the house feel that much more empty. And secondly, oddly enough, I really don’t have any homework this week. I don’t have anything due in any of my classes until after the break. So, of course, there is stuff I could be doing, but even I don’t want to do things that far in advance. So here I sit.

Yesterday the whole afternoon stretched so empty in front of me that I resorted to giving my room and bathroom an intense two hours long deep clean. And so here I sit, on my bed made with clean sheets and the vacuumed carpet around me. Even my closet is organized. I guess nothing is left for me to do but read some more Dickens. I’ll probably finish the book tonight since I have nothing else to do. But hey, at least I have a box of Girl Scout cookies to enjoy while I do.

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  1. idahospud permalink
    March 19, 2008 4:41 pm

    Girl, where is the JUICE?! I come for the JUICE!! I know you’ve got some.

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