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Cloud Frosting

March 5, 2008

A few weeks ago my roommate Cassie and I had a CAKE Party at our house. My clever acronym for it was Cassie’s Awesome Cake Extravaganza, and it was awesome indeed! Basically the point of it was see how many people we can cram into our tiny apartment and then everyone there see how much cake they can cram into themselves. Who could ask for a better time? We even had party hats!

Even after that huge cake overload, Cassie and I still haven’t had enough of cake. This is convenient for me because Cassie, ex-culinary arts major, knows how to make a meancake! Monday she made two more cakes. One was a scrumptious Crumb Upside-Down take which she made to take over to her sister and her brother-in-law who live in the North End (how cool is that!!). When we dropped it off, her brother-in-law’s brother was hanging out there, who is a really cool guy who also happens to live in our ward, so we invited him over for a piece of cake since we had only brought over two pieces.  He made a comment on how we just had a cake party and said, “You guys must really like cake.” As he was saying this our other roommate, Brittany, was in the process of making rice crispy treats – two batches of them. After the guy left, we started talking how absurd we must seem with all our treat-making, and Brittany said, “yeah, he must think we are like the bake-happy fatty house now.” We all laughed pretty hard over that.

The other cake Cassie made, she smothered with a frothy White Mountain frosting.


I love the creative name of this frosting, but I it reminds me more of clouds than mountains. This frosting is just like the clouds we have in the sky right now, as a matter of fact. I’ve decided I love March weather. March weather is the kind of weather you can feel. It is so much more alive than hot, stagnant June weather or dreary, drudging February. March is like the October of spring, and October is my very favorite month. In March the weather is active. It changes and moves and does things. The wind blows and the sun shines warm for the first time all winter. The sky is not the grey of overcast winter or the pale blue of the hot summer, but a bright lovely blue populated with big, white, fluffy clouds. I feel like I should be out having a picnic and flying a kite.


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